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East Chapel Hill High School Performing Arts

2017 Audition Materials

Cast List for Antigone

Antigone _ Eden Bartholomew

Ismene _ Ivy Evers

Kreon _ Jesus Ixba-Hernandez

Haemon _ Quentin Redman

Eurydice _ Reem Kounidry

Teiresias _ Matheus Ribeiro-Barros

Boy _ Imani Chabikuli

Guard _ Will Felker

Messenger_Ananda Zabala


Abby Roussin

Drew Wansink

Savannah Mastin

Sky Pham

Zaynah Gatling

Congratulations, we will see you at your first rehearsal.  Please send an e-mail with the SUBJECT HEADING ACCEPT. If you can, please print out a personal copy of Anne Carson’s Antigone  for your rehearsal use.  We will have copies for those actors who don’t have access to a printer.  Bring a water bottle, a highlighter and a pencil to the first readthrough and take the time to closely the review the rehearsal calendar below.  You should start receiving information from our stage manager, Ben Alexander, from our e-mail,  artateast@gmail.com, very soon.